At Portendo, we design and implement large scale & high performance machine learning platforms, helping our clients building their own capabilities to run and improve them. Our at-risk pricing scheme makes our value proposition unique.

Portendo’s algorithm detects 30% of fraudulent loan applications without human interference.


Portendo’s commercial scoring algorithm increases 25%+ sales per call.


Portendo’s Unique Value Proposition

  • Our team combines more than 25 years of experience in machine learning, business strategy and technology & operations.
  • We go at risk: our pricing scheme is composed by a small fixed fee and a variable success fee. You only pay for the value you receive.
  • We help companies building their own capabilities to run and improve their machine learning algorithms.

Portendo’s Success Cases

  • Our success cases include: A model that detects up to 30% of credit application frauds before any human analysis, an algorithm that automatically catches more than 80% of trade ticket errors at a leading global bank and an algorithm that increases 8 times the number of automatic A/B tests per quarter of an e-commerce merchant.

What is Machine Learning and how can it help my business?

  • Machine learning algorithms learn from experience – in form of data – to then detect and exploit behavior patterns automatically.
  • The output of these algorithms are predictions that inform concrete action plans.
  • Machine learning is most effective when human expertise does not exist, data volume and complexity increase, and there are business benefits to personalizing the solutions.

We go at risk: you only pay for the value you receive. Let's talk about the value we can create together.